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Changing Seasons – An Original Poem

This poem was written for an English assignment 2 years ago. We were required to take a photo and write a poem based on what we saw. I found an old tree stump and that is what I based this poem on. This is the result:

It started as a seed

Beautiful, safe, protected

A new beginning


She gave the seed everything

Water, sun and love

Mother Nature’s precious child


As time went on the teenager grew

Ignoring the wind, defiant and firm

Standing tall for what it believed


Time went on and seasons changed

Leaves were lost, branches grew

A life entering adulthood

Leaving the innocence behind


The tree helped those in need

Providing comfort and relief to all around

Braving the storms thrown its way

Coming out stronger than before


Days passed and darkness crept in

The tree grew frail, needing support

Eventually the pain released its hold

And the tree was gone

A life cut down in its prime


The tree gazed back at the life it had lived

The friends it made, the family it loved

The memories that couldn’t be taken away

Not through cancer, not through suffering

Not through death


For you see, I sat beneath that tree

Every day of my life

We were one, the tree and I

And as I grew, it grew

And as I loved, it loved

Intertwined, growing together

From birth to death

From seed to trunk

Throughout the changing seasons


I’m not the biggest fan of poetry, but I thoroughly enjoyed writing this piece. There is just something about trees that brings me so much peace. I’ve dabbled quite a bit into different types of writing. I hope to explore that more here. Be sure to check out my other creative writing here, and have an amazing day.

All my love,

Jos xx

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